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Mike and Aaron have been podcasting for three years. The aftermath of the fallout from the  political world they swam out of made it clear that politics was for squares. Enter the idea of a new age of pirate radio. That's what a podcast is, right? Saying what you want, when you want without the fear of being thrown off the air by the F.C.C. (Fuck The Police) 

Millennial Pirate Radio is a podcast. It's two guys talking how people normally talk, telling jokes that people don't say in the workplace, making fun of pop culture icons, and occasionally throwing shade at a corrupt politician or two. It's the best of the golden age of pirate talk radio, but on demand, in your pocket, and everywhere you go.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hailing from Tulsa, Mike and Aaron are providing a comedy podcast like none other. MPR isn't for your "snowflake" grandma. It's for the people who still have a little bit of punk rock in their hearts. It's for the soccer mom who really just wants to hear two grown ass men talk about their dicks for an hour. It's for the losers who gave up on talking politics and just want to talk about the good old days when we gave a shit about music.

Millennial Pirate Radio is two adults with grown up problems taking a break from the real world to live out a vicarious fantasy. 


Thanks for joining us.