#MPR with URGENT news...

If you clicked onto this because you saw "URGENT" in the title, you are way to easily manipulated by all caps. It's embarrassing, really. You have much to think about now.

Until then, though, it's just time for a bit of news. You may have noticed that your regularly scheduled program wasn't in your feed last week. That's because one of us, I won't say who but it was Michael, failed to mention that he had a two week long camping expedition to go on. So while he was busy butt fucking his way through homeless men at the top of the mountain that all the recently disowned gay dudes camp at, Aaron (that's me) was busy hustling for the show. 

And when I hustle for the show... oooohhhh baby... you know that means great content. 

Actually, how would you know that? 

You'd know that if you're a fan of me and Michael's previous work. Lets just say there's a new segment this week and it's going to be fun. We'll see what happens.

Until then, don't forget to hit the subscribe button below to get our shows on either Stitcher or Itunes. Also you can send us an email, and we'll talk about whatever is in that email. 

See you fuckwads on Wednesday!