Welcome to the Revolution

Looks like you made it to our website. Millennial Pirate Radio is a podcast. We're going to launch very soon. One of the best things you can do to help us get our feet off the ground is to stay tuned. We welcome any and all emails about anything and everything. Who knows, maybe we'll talk about it on the first show. That's what Millennial Pirate Radio is all about, actually. 

We're a comedy show. But we're much more than that. We talk about everything from the burning shit we took this morning to the black out back alley piss we took last weekend. This is an uncensored show and its hosted by two degenerate assholes, Mike and Aaron. 

If there's one thing to look forward to, it's the quality of the show. Mike and Aaron have been doing podcasts for a few years, and their production is top notch. The content, however, is deeply offensive to some. If you can't take the heat, now is a good time to find the exit. You can close the current tab on your web browser if you like. This show isn't for you. 

I'll wait...

If you stuck around... congratulations. You are a kindred spirit, or whatever those weird fucking "energy" worshipers say (to each their own). We look forward to starting this journey with you, but most of all, we look forward to getting back into the swing of producing a high quality comedy show with all the trimmings, and all of the hate mail. 

While you wait, follow us on Twitter. Find us on Facebook. Send us an Email... It's all down below! Do it, jerks. 

See you soon.